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Made at Home 2


After the amazing success of our first compilation, MSG is proud to present this second volume of Made at Home. We feel it is another wonderful collection of songs and performances by our members. While the first disc documented a growing movement of home recording by our members, Volume 2 features outstanding tracks from some of the nicest studios in the area. Many of the artists on the first disc have gone on to record deals and publishing contracts. This disc features several artists you might be familiar with, while showcasing a few groups we are certain you'll be hearing a lot more from in the future. I hope you enjoy this look at some of the Midwest's finest talent.

Produced by Lots of Folks!
Recorded all over Wisconsin
Mastered by Happy Go Fun Time
Engineered by the Humble Artists
Released in October of 2005
Release Number - 8675-318
UPC - 616892685029

1 Eleven Below - Miriam Brosseau & Alan Jay Sufrin
2 You Take Me - Len Mormino & Dan Plourde
3 The Dope She Was Doing - Michael Gruber with Salt Creek
4 Welcome To Boscobel - Nancy Rost
5 Piltdown Man - West of Rome
6 Any Guitar - Jim Ness
7 Sweet Love - James Travis
8 Endlessly - Dale Kidd with Erin O’Brien
9 Iris - Aaron Nathans
10 Rest Assured - Amy Curl
11 Watching You - Kelsy Boyd
12 Long Way Tonight - Clear Blue Betty
13 Stay Awhile - Erin O'Brien
14 When Evening Falls - calicoDrifters
15 Baby, Please Baby Me - Jim Barnard
16 I Wrote This Song For You - Jennie and the Grayman
17 Garden State - Greg Winkler
18 Juliet - Mark Croft
19 December - Albert
20 Henry - Kris Adams