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Slothtrop Music was founded in 1995 to promote and nurture independent musicians. By all accounts we've succeeded. Since then we've expanded to four divisions (Records, Publishing, Management & Consulting) and helped hundreds of artists while at the same time putting out some pretty great music. Take a look around, we're sure you'll find something you'll love!

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Jeff German & The Blankety Blanks – 12 Packs, 8 Tracks and B & W TV

If you were to get lost while driving through a somewhat familiar ghost town, and you happened upon an old white church whose paint was chipping off, Jeff German’s music would be playing inside. His new record, 12 Packs and 8 Tracks and Black & White TV, is a soundtrack not just for the journey but for the experience of being lost. Of having faith not because miracles abound but because it’s the only thing you have left.

New Artist – Jessie Torrisi

Slothtrop Music is pleased to announce the signing of Austin-TX based singer-songwriter Jessie Torrisi. Torrisi, who records as The Please Please Me, has joined Slothtrop to release her music, which blends pop, country, and R&B. Torrisi, a Philadelphia native, cut her teeth as a drummer in a number of New York City bands. She’s previously self-released music, including 2009’s critically acclaimed Brûler Brûler.

Marty Finkel – It's Alight Now

If you found a wormhole linking Elliott Smith's Pacific Northwest, NRBQ's Austin Tx, and Rufus Wainwright's New York City but could only access it from just across the Illinois state line. You'd probably find Marty Finkel's new CD "It's Alright Now" at the nearest record store. While that may seem like a lot for record to live up to, trust us it just works. Recorded to reflect the real sound of a real songwriter and his band , we're proud to present Marty's new record, warts and all. Genuine rock-n-roll from the genuine article.